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Growthroute, the outsourced marketing department of growth companies
  • Growth Company Builder.
  • Product Launcher.
  • Partnership Developer.
  • Technology Marketer.
  • Breakthrough Generator.
  • Virtual Incubator.

Client segments


As an entrepreneur or a group of them, you are investing a lot of time and money in building a "minimal viable solution" anchored in clear market needs. You want to cut through the market noise, by building marketing into the product, cultivating a community of early adopters, and pursuing selective lead generation actions.

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10 Principles Not to Kill your Start-Up

You may also want to position yourself for a financing round. Or generate revenues to fund your expansion. Preferably both? You'd like to secure reference clients and strategic partners soon.

As your partner, I support your efforts, work with you to inform your strategic direction, and execute relentlessly. I bring unique business capabilities, credentials and network to accelerate your success.

post-revenue early-stage companies

You have developed a working solution and secured market references and some funding. You want to add further strategic and tactical marketing capabilities, to help firm up and execute your next steps.

Go mainstream, add talent, find financial and strategic partners

You'd like to generate buzz and grow your lead pipeline, secure strategic partners, build your sales team, and perhaps arrange for an external round of funding.

Growthroute specializes in your challenges. I integrate expertise, proven methodologies, and pre-selected providers into a full strategy, marketing and business development resource for your venture.

product-launch teams and "intrapreneurs"

early wins required, at low cost

You are a pioneer within an established company, tasked with launching a new solution. Under pressure to deliver results quickly, you could use some strategic and executional support, but cannot add much fixed cost.

I help you back innovative ideas with solid business cases and pitches, increase product development effectiveness, secure internal and external awareness for your solutions, build commercial partnerships, optimize your innovation portfolio, and generally act as a hands-on contributor to your commercial success.

private investors

Screen companies and support your portfolio

I have conducted independent due diligence projects on behalf of investors, as a contributor and as a lead. Venture capitalists and other funds appreciate GrowthRoute's speed, thoroughness, and quick understanding of their criteria.

Supporting portfolio companies is another area of experience, to quickly test and adapt their business model at the lowest cost, achieve maximum exposure in relevant markets, secure reference clients and strategic partners, deploy the right marketing and sales processes, and grow exponentially - without exploding in flight.

Growthroute maximizes your investment's valuation by accelerating the transition from R&D-driven ventures to an actual business.