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Growthroute, the outsourced marketing department of growth companies
  • Growth Company Builder.
  • Product Launcher.
  • Partnership Developer.
  • Technology Marketer.
  • Breakthrough Generator.
  • Virtual Incubator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help us?

Have a look at some of my previous work. Choose your industry using the right button to see the most relevant work.

Typical services are described here. I am proficient in four areas: building desirable new products, helping them meet their market, scaling through investments and partnerships, and building a high-performance company around the product. In each pole, I help with both strategy and execution.

Is GrowthRoute an investor, a founder, a consultant, or an employee?

GrowthRoute is the brand under which I help build successful growth companies and new products. I like to describe GrowthRoute as a "virtual incubator", because I help companies succeed in the marketplace and make investments in them through reduced compensation or direct participation.

I generally invest my time and receive a mix of cash and equity in return. Since equity can represent a significant portion of my compensation, and that is money the company does not need to raise or make to pay me, it effectively constitutes an investment. For the right opportunity, I also make direct financial investment in start-ups, usually as part of the founding team.

I am not a venture capitalist - I always take an active operational role in the companies I work with. That operational role can be project-specific, in which case I function as a contractor (which can include tasks a consultant would carry, but extends through to implementation); or it can be as an employee of the company.

Do you accept equity payments, or performance-based payments?

I accept and even encourage equity / stock option payments. Unless I become a co-founder in the company, I do not however accept 100% equity or performance-based payments for four reasons: taxes must be paid immediately on equity payments even though those are illiquid; regardless of outcome, I always invest significant efforts in my work; this activity is how I make a living; and a number of success factors remain outside my sole control. That makes 100% equity or performance-based payments too risky unless it is a company or a metric I can control directly.

Additionally, some regulations require licenses for performance-based compensation such as fundraising finder's fees - see next question.

Do you raise money on a finder's fee basis?

No. Regulations require an equity brokerage certificate when compensation is based upon the completion of a company fundraise. I help companies to structure their investor communications and their operations to maximize both chances of investment and valuation. I also assist with identifying the right sources of funding and the right investors, completing due diligence, negotiating terms, and then delivering as promised to investors. I can do that as a co-founder, an employee or a consultant.

We would prefer to work with someone in our geography. Why wouldn't we?

By restricting your geographical reach, you would also limit your talent pool. Working with the right person always beats working with people chosen mainly because they live closeby. Ultimately the ability to deliver results matters most.

A majority of the companies I helped in the last few years are based in the U.S. and overseas. I am less than one second away from you, using long-distance collaboration tools. I also travel cost-effectively, so I can work on site as required.