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Growthroute, the outsourced marketing department of growth companies
  • Growth Company Builder.
  • Product Launcher.
  • Partnership Developer.
  • Technology Marketer.
  • Breakthrough Generator.
  • Virtual Incubator.

Virtual incubator

Investor in promising growth companies

As part of my business model, to align incentives and build a mutual partnership, I always prefer to hold some stake in the select growth companies I work with.

Investments through sweat equity and directly

Most frequently, it is done by offering reduced compensation for my work in return for equity. Equity can represent a significant part of my compensation - as decided on a case-by-case basis.

I have also completed direct financial investments when holding an active role in a company. Presently, I have one such investment.

Note however that I am not an accredited investor and do not complete pure financial investments without an operational involvement in the founding team.

Strategic and operational contributor

My preference goes towards deep, meaningful involvement in a company as opposed to one-off projects across a large number of them.

Mutual trust is best built over operational tasks

That's as a full business stakeholder and shareholder - not a provider or a consultant - that I make the most significant contributions.

In companies where such involvement occurs, I ultimately strive to take an active operational role and influence the strategic direction.

Organic partner

In my observation, the most effective partnerships start small, with a collaboration focused on some concrete outcome, and grow from there.

So I suggest helping you first with some practical business task, and then letting our collaboration take shape through increasing commitments and responsibilities.